Startup helps expats find a handyman in The Netherlands

As an expat in a foreign country, it is sometimes difficult to find a reliable service provider. The language is a barrier. But you also don’t know where you stand in terms of costs.,Startup Renovee from the Netherlands automatically matches job requests with a local handyman, electrician, or plumber. You indicate what your job is and at what time you need a professional. The rest takes the platform off your hands. Think of invoicing. You can easily pay online afterward. The advantage of this for expats is that the website is also available in English. You can indicate in English whether you have a leak or want to hang the TV.,In Google, the term “handyman Amsterdam” is searched 3 thousand times a month. This indicates how many expats may benefit from using a platform such as Renovee.,In the Netherlands, people search more than 20,000 times a month for a ‘klusjesman’, which means handyman in Dutch. The platform, therefore, faces the challenge of how to cope with the increasing demand and popularity.,The platform appears to work well not only for finding a handyman. It also seems very suitable for calling in a plumber. Since it is difficult to find someone in the short term due to a shortage of plumbers, Renovee seems an ideal solution. The platform sends your job request to all local professionals in the area. There is a good chance that there will be a plumber who has time for your job.,There have been several DIY websites for years that mainly focus on large jobs and renovations. These work on the basis of quotations. Renovee, however, turns out to be perfect for smaller jobs around the house.,On the website, it is currently possible to book a handyman, plumber, electrician, central heating engineer, and pest controller.,The company is currently active in all major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. This is convenient since most expats in the Netherlands live in larger cities.,hi I’m Nima, a tech nerd with love for technology that makes markets efficient and life’s easier.,Further I would like to let you know that don’t believe in hard work and I’m convinced that were are born to just enjoy life and make nice experiences with each other.,Consultant @,

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