5 Things Every SEO Content Writer Must Do

  • Author Alex Standall
  • Published August 28, 2020
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Ranking the Content isn’t easy. If you’re a professional content writer you know how much trouble you have to go through to deliver a web page at top results in SERP. But there are top 5 secrets which you must understand which can help you develop into a professional search engine optimization writer.

SEO content begins with knowing the industry well and using a list of competitors prepared. Then it goes down to teaching the audience will precious content so that they keep returning for more.

The more the traffic to your website, the higher the odds of getting rated.

5 Things Every SEO Content Writer Should Do

Write for humans, not

When you write content it is for the users to browse or get engaged rather than crawlers. Yes, the same content will inform the user that what they’re looking for is available on which web page. The difference is if the content is stuffed up with too many keywords and links the users will exit even if they locate the relevant webpage. Your job is to teach or inform the readers not crawlers.

Locate and place keywords in articles suitably

Keywords or keywords are most important for SEO but good writers know precisely how to combine it smoothly in articles. Also, the place of keyword matters too. For example, it needs to be present from the title, Meta description, alt tags, the first line of the first paragraph, etc.. If you keep a check on keyword density and set keywords appropriately then both readers and crawlers will find your content.

Know your Audience

Ensure you understand your audience before you write the articles. Describe the demographics and see where your audience hangs out and what sort of articles do they see. This may customize your content process.

Know What Your Competitors are Doing

Be aware of what your competitors do and make a record of keywords they are targeting. Work on those with less competition and get an advantage.

Avoid Bad Search Engine Optimization clinics

This is possibly the most crucial point i.e. to avoid bad search engine optimization practices. After keyword stuffing or black hat methods with regard to content may land you in trouble.


If your goal is not reaching the crowd but making sales with SEO then you couldn’t be more wrong. You have to work on your content which amuses the search engines but disagrees with the end-user. If there’s negligible engagement then you’ll have no way around it. The golden rule of SEO is that Search engines will enjoy your page only if everyone likes it. Thus, your audience should stop by before search engines may start advocating.

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