How to Fit Graphics to Frames in Adobe InDesign

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Graphics and images can easily be sized to fit within a frame in the following ways.

  1. We’ll start with this unscaled image in a square frame.Unscaled Image in Square Frame
  2. Go to the Object menu, then to Fitting, and select Fit Content Proportionally.Fit Content Proportionally in Object Menu
  3. The entire image is now scaled to fit proportionally within the frame.Image Set to Fit Proportionally
  4. Another option would be to fill the frame. Go back to the Object menu, to Fitting, and select Fill Frame Proportionally.Fill Frame Proportionally in Object Menu
  5. The image is now sized to fill the frame.Image Set to Fill Frame Proportionally
  6. The frame can also be scaled to match the image size. Go to the Object menu, then Fitting, and this time select Fit Frame to Content.Fit Frame to Content in Object Menu
  7. In this case, the frame resizes to match the image.Image with Frame Fit to Content
  8. There are also buttons in the Control Panel that can be used.Fitting Buttons in Control Panel
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